Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gaia Repossi. The Goddess of Jewelry.

                 Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Gaia Repossi, heiress of the Repossi Joailliers family-owned jewelry house, is in her early twenties and since 2005 has been artistic director of the family business. In her world, nothing seems to be mainstream. From her studies at the University of the Sorbonne in Anthropology, tо her Ayurveda skin care routine, she seems to break all expectations of a rich, pampered heiress. Her appearance of a strong, confident, independent woman, are covered by a deeper understanding, consciousness and spirituality, besides the impeccable style she possesses. The only daughter of Alberto Repossi, and great-granddaughter of the founder of the House, Gaia has within two years imposed her own vision of today's jewelry. In 2007, the Ère collection which was designed by Gaia, set the tone: precious jewelry but of each instant, a youthful spirit, soon translated into successive declensions that were to be Nérée, Maure and the most recent collection of High Jewelry, Snakes.

Gaia’s collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire follows her successful cooperation with Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra.


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