Sunday, August 14, 2011


The shooting of this session took place in Greece (Halkidiki peninsula) on the beach of Lagonisi a month ago. We had less than two hours to do the make- up, dressing and the shots. Of course, we cut time on the hair by just wetting it in the salty waters of the Aegean sea and what's left was to pop a dash of vibrant red lipstick and did some highlighting to sculpt the face.

If you wonder why we named this shoot "GOOFY" it will be impossible for you to make the link. Because there simply isn't any. 
It all came with a Pluto hat by Disney, that inspired us to recreate this look.
Initially, we named our hero Goofy and this sticked to the image throughout the whole session.

The photos below are a sneak-peek of the making. Soon you'll be able to see the full visual. Hope you like it.

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