Wednesday, January 25, 2012

COMING SOON | An Interview With Japanese Masters Of The Needle

As true proponents of the law of attraction, we believe that nothing in our life happens by accident. 
It was in accordance with God’s plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the heart of Paris, under the 
signature set of French DJ Miss Kittin, who fueled us up with power, dancing and strolling through
the feverish crowd.Under the red pulsing lights nothing could halt the momentum, not even the saucy
chicks, prodding their way up the dance spot, which few of us could hardly share.  

Everything felt right in the last day of 2011, but perhaps it was a matter of free will to decide on
meeting two Japanese guys, who drew our attention towards their impeccable, clean, monochrome
looks. We somehow knew that our crossing point would be fashion, but couldn't imagine the talk
would go on in the absence of any language in common.Well, except for the prevailing gesticulation
that didn't bother the open dialog and we stayed patient and truly willing to unveil the story of those two.

That night we seemed to have convinced our new friends to take an interview on the first day of the
new 2012. Be sure to check back in for the whole story...

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