Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beauty | CHANEL Make-up Confidential

Just released, this video was brought up to highlight the lipstick collection Chanel Rouge Allure (to be released in September 2012). The mind behind the beauty concept is Peter Phillips - global creative director for Chanel Makeup. Peter is a belgian make-up artist known for his use of unusual materials; at times, he incorporated feathers, pearls and fabrics into his looks. His latest work makes no exception - it took him 3 hours to create the crystal embellished look by gluing each particle one by one to the face of model Inguna Butane. Here is what Peter Philips stated: “I’m a huge fan of visual communication…a sparkle is more than just one frozen moment. It’s a chain of images, because it moves, like a firework. And that’s something that you can only see in film or in real life.”
By seeking inspiration from the origins of the label, tribute is paid to Coco Chanel’s infamous mirrored staircase at 31 Rue Cambon – with many photos featuring a reflection.

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