Monday, August 27, 2012

VOGUE Paris | September: NOIR-NOIR-NOIR

A lot of things going on in Vogue Paris. Hot off the stands, the September issue is out with a new makeover - a remodeled typography, a cleaner airier design - now this is something I was waiting for. The previous issues had a disappointing layout not only for my design-sensitive eye - it wasn't accepted well by any graphic designer I know. 

Another new thing: Garance Dore, fahion blogger and parisienne, is getting 

her very own column, where she will have the chance to write in her special "Garance" manner, draw her lovely illustrations and take pictures the way only she would.

Last, but not least - this is a debut September cover for editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt, where great emphasis is placed on the sophistication of NOIR. And who could rise up to represent the allure of black better than the Paris team?

P.S.: Moss got the cover!

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