Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Masters of the Needle | Boyan Kuzeski


"It is where the heritage and contemporary youth blend"
                                                                                 Boyan Kuzeski

Let's have a big welcome for Boyan Kuzeski who is back with a highly anticipated collection, after his graduation from the Academy of Art (Sofia) back in 2009.

BOYAN is the eponymous brand of designer Boyan Kuzeski. Originally from Macedonia, the up-and-coming designer was born and raised in Skopje.

His collection "HERITAGE" is dedicated to the woman that is a modern-day nomad; she moves through life guided by instincts and her senses are open for all the serendipities surrounding her. It is for those that are not born for one corner - their native land is the whole world.

The designer has mastered an extraordinary level of quality and sophistication : craftsmanship, sartorial details, eye for luxurious fabrics ( Indian cashmere, hand-woven wool, hair from Croatian mountain lambs). Mixing contemporary shapes with tribal-inspired prints and hand-crafted embroideries results in outstanding creations that have the edge to keep the spotlight on them.

Look out for the jewellery and accessories - necklaces, earrings and belts are a specialty of Boyan and seem to embrace the ancient heritage rendered in chunky opulent modern shapes.

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