Sunday, September 9, 2012

Runway 2013 | Glowing in the Dark

Once I was asked the following: "What is the label you would wear daily if you didn't have any budget constraints?"
I thought for a second and the only name I could put out was Alexander Wang. Then up came another one: "Like, really? You mean you would skip on Prada to wear Wang...?" All in all, I didn't make up my mind. And every next season Wang makes women fall into addiction over his collections.

For the spring lineup Wang landed his selection on sports-inspired ensembles based on striped cutouts, rubberized twill, leather and chunky cable-knits. Color was out of the topic - but as the show lights went off, the clothes revealed their capability to glow in the dark in rave neon brights. What a treat that is.

FRONTROW | Die Antwoord

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